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Big Jujube Dates | Da Hong Zao | Chinese Culinary Herbs | Vita Herbal Nutrition

Big Jujube Dates | Da Hong Zao (1kg)

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The Giant Jujube Dates (Da Hong Zao) are specially sourced from Xinjiang Province, in China near Mongolia and the Middle East. Being a desert, the climate here is very hot and dry.

The Chinese name ‘Da Hong Zao’ translates to Big Red Dates as this variety of red dates can grow 2-3 times larger than the average Hong Zao - even bigger than a chicken egg! This fruit is a delicious treat and much more spongey than the typical variety of Hong Zao.

1kg bag

Benefits may include:

- Acting as a warming fruit

- High in antioxidants, vitamin B & C, calcium and iron

-Treating the spleen and stomach

- Assisting the blood and Qi


Jujube dates are red in colour and have a crisp skin with soft, juicy flesh that is delightfully sweet; however, be careful of the stone in the middle! They can be used in a number of culinary dishes – click here for recipe ideas. Alternatively, the dates can be placed in hot water and rehydrated for a juicer fruit. The water can also be drunk for a warming herbal tea.

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