Dried Clover / Eugenia Ding Xiang (Gong) (500g)

Dried Clover / Eugenia Ding Xiang (Gong) (500g)

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The flower bud of Eugenia Caryophyllata Thunb. of family Myrtaceae, which is called Gong Ding Xiang. This flower originates from the Guangdong and Hainan provinces of China, and are collected in the period of September to March when the flower buds turn from green into red. They are known for their big, red-brownish strong fragrance. 



    • May help disperse cold
    • Can assist in healing vomiting and hiccup due to stomach cold
    • May help tonify QI 
    • Can assist poor appetite 
    • May improve morning sickness


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