Day Lily

Dried Chinese Day Lily Buds Huang Hua Cai (100g)

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Day Lily plants are a common sight in your garden that blossom mostly between late Spring and mid-Summer. The flowers are delicate and trumpet shaped. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are dried and called golden needles and later used in teas, soups and hot dishes.

Day Lilies are usually available in dried form rather than fresh and fresh ones can be toxic if not cooked properly or soaked in water beforehand. The dried golden buds of the Day Lily are 2 to 3 inches long and have a delicate, musky-sweet flavour. 


    • May help with insomnia 
    • Can help stop bleeding 
    • May help soothe nerves
    • Can be used to help hoarse voice

Prescriptions & Usage

For bleeding problems (nosebleed, coughing blood or urinary bleeding):

• Cook soup with 30g dried daylily and 30g fresh bai mao gen (cogongrass rhizome).

• Drink often as tea.


For Sleeplessness:

• Cook soup with 30g dried daylily and 30g he huan hua (silk tree flower). Keep boiling for 30 minutes and filter the soup.

• Add honey, cook 2-5 minutes. Drink before sleeping.

For Hoarse Voice:

• Cook 30g dried day lily with 400ml water. Add 30g honey.

• Drink one-third at a time slowly over the day.


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