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Dried Cape Jasmine Fruit (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition
Dried Cape Jasmine Fruit (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition

Dried Cape Jasmine Fruit | Zhi Zi Shan (500g)

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Dried Cape Jasmine Fruit (Zhi Zi Shan) are ripe fruits mainly found south of the Yangtze River in China. Zhi Zi (Shan) is harvested from September to November when the fruits ripen. They have a slight smell with a slight sour and bitter taste.

Dried Cape Jasmine Fruit (Zhi Zi Shan) is known for its heavily fragrant white flowers and glossy green leaves, and is common across the warmer regions. Zhi Zi Shan is native to China, Japan, and Taiwan, but is found in warm climates around the world today. It is prized for its array of health benefits. 

500g bag

Benefits may include:

- May help moderate cold and stop bleeding 

- Can assist to clear heart heat and remove toxicity to dispel irritability 

- May address depression and restlessness 

- Can help dispel dampness of the liver and gallbladder 

- May address scanty and dark urine 

- Can assist and relieve swelling 

- May help lower blood pressure

- Can assist to help stop nausea and vomiting 

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