Dried Fennel Fruit  (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition
Dried Fennel Fruit  (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition

Dried Fennel Fruit | Xiao Hui Xiang (500g)

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Dried Fennel Fruit (Xiao Hui Xiang) is found across all parts of China, and are collected in Autumn when the fruit begins to ripe. Xiao Hui Xiang has a special aroma, with a slightly sweet, pungent taste.

This plant originated in countries around the Mediterranean and is now cultivated in many countries worldwide. The main ingredients of Xiao Hui Xiang are protein, fat, dietary fiber, fennel brain, anisyl ether, fenchone and anisaldehyde.

Some toothpaste, tooth powder, soap, perfume, and cosmetics all contain Dried Fennel Fruit (Xiao Hui Xiang) extracts.

500g bag

Benefits may include:

- May help to expel colds and alleviate pain 

- Can assist to harmonise the stomach 

- May aid abdominal pain 

- Can help to disperse congealing cold 

- May help to reduce vomiting 

- Can assist to increase appetite


In many countries on the Mediterranean coast, Dried Fennel is made into anisette. The stems and leaves of fennel are made into tobacco. Fennel has a strong aroma and contains no nicotine, so it may become a great substitute for cigarettes in the future.

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