Dried Kudzu Root Ge Gen (500g)

Dried Kudzu Root Ge Gen (500g)

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Dried Kudzu Root (Ge Gen)'s root, flower and leaves are used to make Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used since at least 200 BC. As early as 600 AD, it was used to treat alcoholism. 



    • Can help treat alcoholism and reduce symptoms of a hangover 
    • May assist headache, upset stomach, dizziness and vomiting 
    • Can assist heart and circulatory problems, including high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and chest pain 
    • May help the common cold, hay fever, flu and swine flu 
    • Can help skin problems, including allergic skin rash, itchiness and psoriasis 
    • May address muscle pain, measles, dysentery, stomach pain and diarrhoea 


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