Dried Perilla Leaf Zi Su Ye (500g)

Dried Perilla Leaf Zi Su Ye (500g)

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Dried Perilla Leaf (Zi Su Ye) is the foil of annual herbaceous plant Perilla frutescenes (L.) Britt. of family labiatae. This is found all across China, and are harvested in Summer when foils are thriving and inflorescence begins to sprout. Zi Su Ye is fragrant in smell, with a slight pungent taste.



    • May help to disperse cold 
    • Can promote the movement of spleen and stomach QI 
    • May improve lung function and expanding the chest
    • Can assist to alleviate morning sickness 
    • May help alleviate seafood poisoning 
    • Can help to detoxify any type of allergy 


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