Dried Tsaoko Fruit Cao Guo (500g)

Dried Tsaoko Fruit Cao Guo (500g)

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Dried Tsaoko Fruit (Cao Guo) comes from a perennial herb related to the ginger family. The plant thrives in the world's rain forests and tropical regions with bright coloured flowers. In China, tsaoko fruit is produced mainly in the Yunna, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces. The fruit is gathered in the autumn when ripe, cleaned then dried in the sun. 


    • Can help to treat common digestive disorders, ranging from stomach pain and flatulence to excessive belching, indigestion and nausea 
    • May promote urination 
    • Can assist to remove phlegm 
    • May help alleviate malarial disorders 
    • Can help dissolve stagnation and distention 


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