Dried Lotus Seeds Bai Lian Zi (500g)

Dried Lotus Seeds Bai Lian Zi (500g)

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Lotus Seeds are edible seeds that can be eaten raw or cooked. They are valued for their nutritional and healing properties and are used in many recipes as well as herbal formulas. 

They are harvested and dried in the sun. The seeds have a hard and rough texture and must be soaked in water overnight. They can be added to various dishes, such as soup but remember to remove the shell. One of the most common uses of lotus seeds is a paste which is used in Chinese pastries.


    • Contains protein, calcium, zinc, iron and potassium 
    • May improve a sluggish appetite 
    • Can improve brain function and memory 
    • May assist prevention of senile dementia 
    • Low in sugar and saturated fat 
    • Can help with anti-ageing 
    • May act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce blood pressure
    • Can help benefit the kidneys
    • May assist insomnia 
    • Can help treat urinary problems 
    • May help reduce heart disease
    • Can assist weight loss

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