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Dried Reishi Mushroom - Sliced Ling Zhi / Ganoderma lucidum (500g)

Dried Reishi Mushroom - Sliced Ling Zhi / Ganoderma lucidum (500g)

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The Reishi Mushroom is also known as the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom and is referred to as the Mushroom of Immortality. Raw lingzhi Reishi mushrooms are harvested, dried and then sliced into long pieces. They are ideal for cooking in traditional Chinese soups and have a lot of medicinal benefits.


    • Can act as an anti-inflammatory
    • May assist mental health disorders 
    • Can help enhance the immune system 
    • Can help treat mental health disorders 
    • May assist with relieving allergies 
    • Can help heal the liver and kidneys 
    • May assist with enhancing brain function 
    • Can aid gut health
    • May contain anti-cancerous properties 


The Reishi mushroom is one of the main ingredients in our SleepyT, part of the Aura Health and Wellbeing range. At Vita, our Lingzhi mushrooms are grown in the Fu Jian province in China - its original source.

Consult a qualified herbalist, nutritionist or physician for advice before consumption.


All Vita Herbal Nutrition dry authentic herbs are free of sulphur, herbicides and pesticides.