Dried Wheat Berry Fu Xiao Mai (500g)

Dried Wheat Berry Fu Xiao Mai (500g)

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Wheat Berry is also known as Fu Xiao Mai or shrivelled wheat. It is a grain that includes the entire wheat kernel except for the hull. This grain is a brown/tan colour and can be milled or boiled. It is not processed so it retains its nutritional values including fibre.


    • Incredibly low in calories 
    • May help you feel fuller for longer, limiting cravings or overeating
    • Can assist stability of blood sugar levels
    • Contains essential healthy fats and proteins 
    • May help control cholesterol levels in the blood and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Packed with vitamins, minerals, magnesium 


Wheat Berry is a grain that includes the entire wheat kernels except for the hull. Just like most grains, the wheat berry is very nutritious. It can be milled or boiled and can be used in salads, baked goods and as a side dish.


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