Dried & Sliced Powdered Notoginseng Panax 三七川 (San Qi) | (50g)

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Powdered Notoginseng, also known as Panax notoginseng or San Qi Chuan, is a traditional Chinese herb that has been used for its potential health benefits.

Potential benefits

Cardiovascular 💘: Powdered Notoginseng may help support cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Immunity 🛡: Powdered Notoginseng is believed to have immune-modulating effects, meaning it can help regulate and strengthen the immune system. It may enhance immune function and improve the body's ability to defend against infections and diseases.

Wounds 🩸: This herb has been traditionally used to promote wound healing. It may help stimulate the growth of new tissue, reduce inflammation, and promote blood flow to the wound site.

Liver & Kidney 💚: Powdered Notoginseng may have hepatoprotective properties, which can help protect the liver from damage and support its overall function. It may also support kidney function by promoting detoxification and reducing oxidative stress.

Brain 🧠: This may have neuroprotective properties and can help support cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.

Anti-aging 👶: Powdered Notoginseng contains antioxidants that help protect the body against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. These antioxidants may have anti-aging effects and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Recommended Dosage

We recommend around 2 tablespoons per portion. 

Here are some suggestions on how to use powdered notoginseng panax:

  • Herbal tea: Add a teaspoon of powdered Notoginseng to a cup of hot water and steep it for a few minutes to create a herbal tea. You can drink it as is or add honey or lemon for flavor.
  • Herbal extracts: Powdered Notoginseng can be used to make herbal extracts. You can mix it with a suitable liquid, such as alcohol or water, and allow it to steep for a period of time. Strain the liquid and use it as directed.
  • Topical applications: This can be combined with other ingredients, such as carrier oils or creams, to create topical preparations. It may be applied to the skin for its potential wound-healing or anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Traditional formulas: Powdered Notoginseng is often included in traditional Chinese herbal formulas for various health conditions. It may be combined with other herbs to enhance its effects and promote overall well-being.

 It's also advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using powdered Notoginseng, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications. They can provide personalised guidance and ensure it is appropriate for your individual needs.

Authentic Quality 

Our Powdered Notoginseng Panax is grown using the authentic DaoDi concept and is non-sulphur treated to retain the highest quality ingredient. 

Gluten & Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Non-Sulphur Treated
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