Where Do We Source Our Herbs?

At Vita, we understand that providing you with the highest quality ingredient is essential to advance your health and wellbeing.

We source the highest quality Chinese herbs and use state-of-the-art technology to process them to obtain the most effective herbal supplements. Our encapsulated single herb supplements are 2-3 times higher in concentration than other brands.

Since 2010, we have been engaged with long-term partners who ensure that the granulated herbs that we use in our products are sourced at the right place, at the right time. This is called the DaoDi Principle

Checking the quality of DaoDi-grown herbs at source in China

With such high levels of pollution within areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, it is important to us that the quality of our herbs isn't compromised; therefore we only source our ingredients from areas with the highest land and air quality as many herbs grow in specific terrains (mountains, on trees etc). 

For our herbal granules (found in our Natural Supplement range), these herbs are then monitored by professionals who continually optimise the concentration levels of herb production via the Spray Drying Granulation method.

Herbal granules being produced via the Spray Drying Granulation method

As we use Spray Drying Granulation technology, it allows us to optimise concentration, whilst minimising the use of a binder. Unlike other manufacturers who use 'Fluid Bed Granulation', we do not use cornstarch to absorb moisture.

Maltrodexian is a food-safe binder that we use in our Natural Supplement range. It is essential to use a binder to prevent the granules from clumping or becoming too thick. Our granules only contain 5-10% of the binder for a purer concentration rate, unlike other brands that use a higher percentage of a binder.

The Maltrodexian found in our products is pharmaceutical-grade and is a long-chain polysaccharide that is widely used as a food-safe additive. We use Maltrodexian as it is one of the most compatible binders to use with herbal products, therefore, we do not need to use a large amount. 

Production of herbs

Maltrodexian is a type of carbohydrate. It is extracted from wheat but it undergoes intense processing to ensure it is certified gluten-free. The final product is a water-soluble white powder with a neutral taste so it does not affect the end product. With the exception of naturally gluten-containing herbs, both our granules and the maltodextrin are certified gluten-free.

Furthermore, prior to Spray Drying, we use traditional methods of water decoction to ensure optimal efficacy according to classical texts. In comparison to all other factories in mainland China and Taiwan, our granules have 100% solubility making them more effective when consumed. 

 Collection of herbs being showcased in the factories 

Rapid modernisation and the constant challenges of sustainability have led to new developments to preserve China’s natural resources. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is customised to specific crops used in Chinese herb production, ensuring quality control, transparency and a traceable source.

Our Managing Director, George testing the quality of Tai Ju

If you have any queries regarding our sourcing of herbs, please email us directly via info@vitaherbalnutrition.com and we'll be happy to help.