Dried China-Root (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition
Dried China-Root (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition

Dried China-Root | Fu Ling / Poria (500g)

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Dried China-Root (Fu Ling / Poria) has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, with some excellent health benefits. 

Poria / Fu Ling is a type of fungus related to polyporus, which typicaly grows on pine trees. Although it can range in color from white to pale red, the typical color of poria is light brown, with striations on the outer skin. It is relatively soft to the touch, odorless, and has slightly elastic properties. It is usually gathered from the tree, cut into pieces of various length, and dried in the shade before being used for medicinal purposes.

500g bag

Benefits may include:

- May promote urination and leach out dampness 

- Can help strengthen the spleen

- Can assist to calm the spirit and soothe the nerves 

- May help with hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, diabetes, bacterial infections, inflammation

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