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Dried Chinese Knotweed (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition
Dried Chinese Knotweed (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition

Dried Chinese Knotweed | Fallopia Multiflora | He Shou Wu Zhi (500g)

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Dried Chinese Knotweed / Fallopia Multiflora (He Shou Wu (Zhi) is a climbing plant native to China. It is also grown in Taiwan and Japan. It is also known as Chinese Knotweed and Fo-Ti. The plant itself is a type of vine and once harvested, the leaves, roots and tubers are separated and combined with other ingredients to create medicinal remedies. 

He Shou Wu Zhi is a PaoZhi processed herb so it is more effective at reducing toxic and purgative effects and strengthening the function of nourishing Yin in the Kidneys.

500g bag

Benefits may include:

- May help stabilise blood cholesterol levels 

- Can assist with memory loss 

- May help tonify the blood, liver and kidneys 

- Can be used to help constipation, sores, abscesses and chronic malaria


Knotweed Curry - Serves 2


2 lamb shoulder chops, seasoned with salt and pepper
1 Tbsp butter 
1 Tbsp very finely chopped lemon grass heart
2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 small piece of ginger, sliced then chopped finely
3 cups Japanese knotweed shoots (or tips), chopped roughly
2 Tbsp (plus 1 extra) fish sauce
1 cup coconut milk
1 tsp dried, hot chilies 


1) Brown the seasoned lamb chops on each side in butter, then remove from heat

2) Sauté the garlic and lemon grass over a medium heat for a couple of minutes (do not brown)

3) When fragrant, add the salt and ginger 

4) Return the chops to the pan and add knotweed on top 

5) Add 2 tbsps of fish sauce, coconut milk, chillies and water to cover

6) Bring the liquid to a brief boil and simmer until the sauce has reduced to creamy around the meat (2hr 15 mins)

7) Once the time is up, remove from heat and add additional salt / fish sauce to taste liking.

8) Enjoy! 

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