Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition
Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition
Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers (500g) - Vita Herbal Nutrition

Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers | Ye Ju Hua (500g)

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Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers (Ye Ju Hua) are more widely known for being sold in hand-tied bouquets but Dried Chrysanthemums have many different health benefits that you may not be aware of. A delicious and popular beverage in many parts of the world, Chrysanthemum tea is extremely good for you. It has been around for over 1000 years and originated in China.

Rather than using just the leaves, Dried Chrysanthemum Flower tea works best when the whole flower is infused with hot water. It also contains vitamins, minerals and soothing chemicals, making it a delicious and highly nutritious drink!

Cold & Flu Relief

As well as being a calming tea, Chrysanthemum tea can also help cure a cold and flu. The tea contains a lot of vitamin C which helps ease a heavy head during a cold and provide relief for any sinus problems, as well as easing head congestion you may have. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea helps in providing relief for a sore throat, redness in the eyes - as well as itchiness and dryness in the eyes - all of which can occur during a nasty cold.

500g bag

Benefits may include:

- Can assist with calmness 

- May help nerve relaxation 

- Can help lower the body's temperature 

- May assist those suffering with a fever 

- Can help improve heart health

- May help as an anti-inflammatory agent 

- Can help boost the immune system 

- May help increase metabolism 

- Can assist vision 

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