Dried Dogwood Fruit 山萸肉 (Shan Yu Rou/Shan Zhu Yu) | (500g)

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Dried Dogwood Fruit, also known as Cornus officinalis, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its potential health benefits.

Potential benefits

Kidneys & Liver 🧡: Dried Dogwood Fruit is believed to have tonifying properties on the kidneys and liver. It is commonly used to support kidney and liver health, promote healthy organ function, and nourish these vital organs.

Blood 🩸: Shan Yu Rou is often used to support blood circulation. It is believed to help improve blood flow, promote healthy circulation, and support cardiovascular health.

Anti-inflammatory : Dried Dogwood Fruit is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. It may help reduce inflammation in the body, which can be beneficial for conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation-related disorders.

Antioxidant 🍊: Shan Yu Rou contains antioxidants, such as phenolic compounds, that can help protect against oxidative stress and free radicals. Antioxidants are important for overall health and may have potential benefits for various organs and systems in the body.

Digestion 😋: Dried Dogwood Fruit is known for its potential benefits on the digestive system. It is believed to help promote healthy digestion, alleviate symptoms such as indigestion and bloating, and support gastrointestinal wellbeing.

Immunity 🛡: Shan Yu Rou is sometimes used to support the immune system. It is believed to have immune-boosting properties that may help strengthen the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Recommended Dosage

We recommend around 10g per portion. 

Here are some suggestions on how to use Dried Dogwood Fruit:

Herbal tea: Dried Dogwood Fruit can be used to make a flavoruful herbal tea. Simply steep a few pieces of dried dogwood fruit in hot water for several minutes. The tea has a slightly sweet and tangy taste and is often enjoyed for its potential health benefits.

Culinary applications: Dried dogwood fruit is used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese cuisine. It is often added to soups, stews, and desserts for its unique flavour and potential health benefits. The fruit can be simmered along with other ingredients to infuse dishes with its essence.

Tinctures and extracts: Shan Yu Rou can be used to make tinctures or extracts. These concentrated forms are often used in traditional medicine practices for their potential health benefits. Tinctures are typically made by soaking the dried fruit in alcohol, while extracts are made by soaking the fruit in a solvent such as water or glycerin.

Herbal formulations: Dried dogwood fruit is also used as an ingredient in herbal formulations and remedies. It is combined with other herbs to create blends that target specific health concerns. These formulations can come in various forms such as powders, capsules, or liquid extracts.

Potpourri and decorative purposes: Dried dogwood fruit can be used in potpourri arrangements or as decorative elements. The unique shape and colour of the fruit make it visually appealing and suitable for crafting projects.

When using this herb, it's important to follow recommended dosage guidelines and consult with a qualified healthcare professional or herbalist, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications. They can provide guidance on appropriate usage and potential interactions.

Authentic Quality 

Our Dried Dogwood Fruit is grown using the authentic DaoDi concept and is non-sulphur treated to retain the highest quality ingredient. 

Gluten & Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Non-Sulphur Treated
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