Dried Lotus Leaf Shredded He Ye (500g)
Dried Lotus Leaf Shredded He Ye (500g)
Dried Lotus Leaf Shredded He Ye (500g)

Dried Lotus Leaf Shredded He Ye (500g)

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Lotus leaf is the leaf of the sacred lotus flower. The leaves are often used in teas and have many health benefits. This product comes shredded and not as whole leaves.

The Lotus Leaf is part of the lotus flower, which is sacred in many Asian countries. However, the leaf is extremely diverse. One of the most common ways to use the leaf in China is for packaging and wrapping up food. This dried version is extremely effective in teas.  Why don't you try simply brewing the leaves in boiling water and enjoying a nice cup of tea?


    • May help lower cholesterol to block the absorption of fats 
    • Can assist with lowering blood sugar levels 
    • May help fatty liver disease 
    • Can help detoxing the blood and may help lower risk of disease 
    • May assist with premature ejaculation and heavy periods 
    • Can help get rid of heat rash while cooling the internal organs 
    • Full of antioxidants, which may increase blood flow to the heart and lower blood pressure 
    • May assist with weight loss and boost metabolism 
    • Can act as an anti-inflammatory 
    • May help athlete's foot 
    • Can promote healthy liver functions 
    • May assist with internal bleeding 
    • Can help to expel mucus and cold symptoms 


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