5 Great Ways to Use Dried Barley Grain (Mai Ya Chao)

5 Great Ways to Use Dried Barley Grain (Mai Ya Chao)

Dried Barley Grain (麦芽), also known as Mai Ya Chao, is one of the oldest grains consumed across the world. 

A versatile grain known for its huge potential, Barley Grain has become a staple in modern cuisine. 

So, without further ado here are 5 great ways to use this herb in your everyday routine... 

What is Dried Barley Grain?

Dried Barley Grain derives from the same family as oats, wheat and quinoa. 

When first discovered, it was used as a staple grain for peasants during the medieval era. 

Although it isn't as popular as other members of the family, many people are unaware of the huge health benefit potential this herb possesses. 

What are the health benefits of Dried Barley Grain?

Naturally high in fibre, vitamins (B1), minerals, magnesium, copper and antioxidants, this herb is packed with healthy goodness. 

Across the Eastern world, Dried Barley Grain is considered an excellent digestive tonic, This herb possesses a slightly sweet-to-bland taste being particularly useful to invigorate the spleen, stomach and liver meridians. 

Being a well-known herb across Chinese medicine, this ingredient has been used traditionally to help:

  • Healthy digestion
  • Stabilise glucose metabolism
  • Assist with weight loss
  • Fight constipation and diarrhoea
  • Regulate bowel movements
  • Reduces hunger levels
  • Suppress the risk of heart disease
  • Protect against symptoms of diabetes

As promised, here are our top 5 uses of Dried Barley Grain to introduce into your daily routine... 

1) Rice Alternative

One portion of this herb has fewer calories and more fibre than quinoa, brown or wild rice - so makes for a fantastic rice substitute. 

Dried Barley Grain is particularly useful to make a risotto alternative, as it cooks quicker and tastes creamier than other grains! 

    2) Soups

    Hearty meals are always a solid option in the kitchen.

    Infusing this into your soup dishes can make for a delicious and healthy differential choice. 

    3) Stews

    A simple addition to your stews can have a big impact on flavour. 

    Including this herb in your slow-cooking specials can be a great way to receive the potential health benefits. 

    4) Raw Form

    Re-hydrate this herb in boiling water, let it cool and you've got yourself a simple but effective snack option! 

    5) Sauce Thickener

    A great option to thicken a wide range of culinary sauces. 

    Dried Barley Grains help to absorb flavours in dishes!

    Where can I buy Dried Barley Grain?

    You can get hold of this herb in the following quantity:

    Dried Barley Grain 麦芽 (Mai Ya Chao) | (500g)


    Now that you've got some scrumptious ideas of how to use this versatile herb, we're excited to see you impress your friends and family with your Mai Ya Chao skills!

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