International Men's Day - Herbs to Support 6 Aspects of Men's Health

International Men's Day - Herbs to Support 6 Aspects of Men's Health

As we commemorate International Men's Day, it's crucial to recognise the distinct nutritional requirements of men and ways to enhance their well-being. Drawing from the wealth of knowledge in herbal nutrition, we can explore traditional culinary herbs that have been utilised for centuries to boost vitality and address different areas of men's health. This article will look at herbs that may potentially help men's overall health and vitality.

What is International Men's Day?

International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual observance held on November 19th to appreciate and advocate for positive aspects of masculinity while raising awareness about global men's issues. This day aims to spotlight men's contributions and accomplishments across different fields, shedding light on the hurdles they may encounter concerning health, well-being, and societal expectations. It provides a platform to discuss topics like mental health, challenging stereotypes of masculinity, toxicity and emphasising the significance of positive fatherhood.

Observed in numerous countries worldwide, IMD encourages open dialogues about men's unique experiences and struggles, ultimately contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of gender-related issues. It serves as a day to recognise the varied journeys of men and to foster the development of a more supportive society.

Which Herbs may support men's health?

Culinary Herbs may aid various aspects of men's health, we will be addressing six important aspects:

Prostate health, sexual health, stress and mental health, cardiovascular health, pain management and immune function.

Remember, always seek advice from a TCM practitioner before taking any herbs, it is meant for complementary use and not a replacement treatment or a cure.

Whether it is for yourself, a partner, family or even a friend, here are some of the aspects of men's health and potential herbs:

1. Prostate Health:





Prostate health is a significant concern for men, especially as they age. Conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer can be a huge impact on life.
    Reishi mushrooms are a medicinal fungus in traditional Chinese medicine, known for their potential health benefits that may support prostate health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that may contribute to reducing inflammation, a factor associated with prostate issues, and immune enhancing effects may also benefit the prostate. Additionally, Reishi's antioxidant properties may help mitigate cellular damage, potentially supporting the health of prostate cells. As an adaptogen, Reishi could aid the body in coping with stress, which is relevant to maintaining overall prostate well-being.

    2. Sexual Health and Vitality:

    Sexual health is often associated with overall vitality and well-being. Erectile dysfunction, low libido, and fertility issues are common concerns.

    The clue's in the name! Horny Goat Weed is believed to enhance libido and may improve erectile function. It is a common ingredient in traditional Chinese formulations for sexual health. Why not try it in capsule form and take it in your daily routine.

      Ginseng is a well-known adaptogenic herb in TCM, Panax ginseng is the most commonly used type for improving energy levels, stamina, and sexual function - now that is what you call a triple threat! 

      3. Stress and Mental Health:

      Men may face stress, anxiety, and depression, but societal expectations sometimes discourage open discussion about mental health. It is always important to talk to others, don't feel afraid to speak up.

      Also known as "golden root" or "Arctic root", Rhodiola grows in cold parts of Europe and Asia and has a long history of use in traditional medicineRhodiola is considered an adaptogen and is believed to help the body cope with stress, improve mental performance, and may reduce fatigue. Why not give the herbal capsules a go, it is easy to add into your daily routine.

      Schisandra is an adaptogenic herb that is believed to have a calming effect on the nervous system, potentially helping to reduce stress and may improve mental clarity. Try it in tea, and you may feel your worries melt away.

      4. Cardiovascular Health:

      Heart disease is a leading cause of death for men. Hypertension, high cholesterol, and poor circulation are common cardiovascular concerns.

      Dang Shen, also known as Red Sage, is a prominent herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recognised for its role in promoting blood circulation, reducing blood stasis, and supporting cardiovascular health. Dang Shen is believed to invigorate blood flow, prevent stagnation, and contribute to overall cardiovascular well-being. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties add to its potential benefits, offering protection to blood vessels and heart tissues. Often incorporated into traditional formulations, Dang Shen is considered a valuable component in supporting heart health.

      Hawthorn, also known as Shan Zha in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), holds a significant place for its potential benefits in promoting cardiovascular health. Hawthorn may enhance blood circulation, a vital aspect of overall well-being, ensuring efficient nutrient and oxygen transport throughout the body. It may potentially alleviate any chest discomfort, which is often associated with cardiovascular issues. Hawthorn is believed to have a cardioprotective effect, supporting the function of the heart and blood vessels. Regular consumption is thought to contribute to maintaining cardiovascular balance.

      5. Pain management:

      Men are often prone to musculoskeletal issues, including arthritis and lower back pain.

      Eucommia Bark, known as Du Zhong holds significance in men's health due to its reputed anti-inflammatory properties and therapeutic effects on pain management, particularly concerning the musculoskeletal system. Traditionally used in TCM, Eucommia bark is believed to alleviate pain associated with conditions such as arthritis and strengthen the bones and muscles. This dual action is especially relevant for men, as it may contribute to the maintenance of joint health and support overall musculoskeletal well-being. The anti-inflammatory nature of Eucommia bark may also make it beneficial in addressing discomfort related to exercise or physical activities.
      Dried Ginger Root, or Gan Jiang has great potential for pain management. Potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties have long been used in TCM to ease various pains, including those related to muscles and joints. Its warming nature is thought to boost blood circulation and may alleviate discomfort, addressing musculoskeletal concerns and joint discomfort prevalent in men's health.

      6. Immune Function:

      Maintaining a robust immune system is crucial for overall health, and men may face challenges due to stress or lifestyle factors.

      Astragalus, known as Huang Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is esteemed for its potential immune-boosting properties. Frequently utilised to tonify the Qi, Astragalus is a herb known for its ability to enhance overall immune function, promoting resilience and vitality in the body's defence against illnesses and stressors.
      Goji berries can help support men's immune health as they contain special compounds called polysaccharides that are believed to boost the immune system. Goji Berries are thought to contribute to a robust immune system, essential for men's overall well-being by bolstering the body's ability to resist infections and illnesses, promoting resilience in the face of various health challenges.


      In celebration of International Men's Day, we have different formulas that address various aspects of men's health. Why not give them a go, to improve your overall health? Don't forget, it is OK to talk about men's health, why not spread the word about these herbs, it might just help a friend. As individual responses may vary, consulting with a qualified healthcare professional or TCM practitioner is recommended for personalised guidance on men's health and wellness.

      Discover the wide selection of Chinese herbs which may help men's health.

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