The Top 4 Culinary Chinese Herbs To Use In April

The Top 4 Culinary Chinese Herbs To Use In April

In Chinese medicine, the use of herbs is often based on the season and the individual's specific needs. April is generally considered to be a transitional period between seasons, when the weather is getting warmer and the natural world is coming back to life. 

Below we’ve gathered a selection of Chinese herbs that could offer protection against the qi imbalances that may arise as a result of the change in season, that also function as a tasty addition to your kitchen.

What is the significance of spring in Chinese medicine? 

The seasons are an important part of Chinese medicine and have been studied and observed for centuries. In TCM, each season is associated with a different element, organ system, emotion, and set of health concerns. Understanding the connection between the seasons and the body allows us to pick specific herbs to introduce to your kitchen.


Associated with the wood element and the liver

In spring, the energy of the body begins to rise, and the liver and gallbladder become more active. The liver is responsible for regulating the flow of qi throughout the body, so it is important to support its function during this time.

Spring is also associated with the emotion of anger, and individuals may experience resultant symptoms such as allergies, eye problems, and digestive issues.

4 culinary herbs to use in April

Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Buds

Chrysanthemum is a popular herb in Chinese medicine that is commonly used to help alleviate symptoms associated with the transition from winter to spring, such as headaches, dry eyes, and allergies.

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Dried Peppermint

Peppermint is a cooling herb that is sometimes employed to help alleviate spring fever and other symptoms associated with the transition to warmer weather, such as heat exhaustion, headaches, and digestive issues.

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Dried Angelica Sinesis Root

Angelica root is a warming herb that has been utilised in Chinese medicine for millennia to help alleviate cold symptoms and strengthen the immune system during the transition from winter to spring.

Dried Angelica Sinesis Root 当归 (Dang Gui) | (100g) – Purchase now

Dried Liquourice Root (Sliced)

Liquorice root is a nourishing herb that is commonly used in Chinese medicine to help support the adrenal glands and balance hormones during times of stress or transition.

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The changing of the seasons is an important milestone both in culture generally and also in Chinese medicine. Preparing for this change by selecting appropriate herbs could ensure you give yourself the best chance at warding off any potential infections or illnesses

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