International Picnic Day 2022: Herbs To Create Extra Tasty Snack Ideas

International Picnic Day 2022: Herbs To Create Extra Tasty Snack Ideas

With the UK set for a scorcher of a Saturday, Brits up and down the country are already scanning out the best fields to lay out a feast, in anticipation of International Picnic Day 2022 (June 18th)

Due to their versatility, Chinese herbs make for a fantastic ingredient to enhance even the simplest of snacks. From a 'shroom salad to berry brownies, it's super easy to use herbal ingredients in your picnic planning ideas

So, we've created some personas to ensure that everyone has a herbal-inspired snack that is right up their street... 

Simple Snacks - David

People like David love snacks in its simplest form. No nonsense. Just wants a quick food fix and to go back to playing football with the kids. Minimal effort required is the way to his heart. So here are our best herb snacks for Davids to snack on with a smile...

Once you've got David grazing on his handful of herbal snacks, he'll be kept content for the rest of your picnic afternoon! 

Lovely & Leafy - Susan

Susan's a salad fanatic - anything she sees fit in that bowl she'll find a way to include it. Bright and vibrant taste and colour. Enjoys every bite to maximise the experience. Friends and family at the picnic is the perfect company. So here are our best herbs to include in leafy salads for Susan...

With the colours of the rainbow illuminating from Susan's salad dish, she'll become a ray of sunshine herself after consuming all that herbal goodness! 

Delightful Desserts - Maya 

Comes for the picnic, stays for dessert. A sweet treat is Maya's 'icing on the cake' for any family get-together. So here are our best herbs to give that extra tang to Maya's desserts...

Once Maya's had her fair share of herbal juiciness, she'll be sweetness and light for the rest of your picnic afternoon! 

Superb Sandwiches - Robert

If any ingredients can find their way into two pieces of crusty bread, Robert's always ready to spring into action. Sandwiches to rival meal deals, a combination of strong flavours, Robert's palette is a well-trained art at the family picnic. So here are our best herb sandwich fillers to test his tastebuds...

If you manage to satisfy Robert's healthy appetite, you've rounded out off a spectacular herb-inspired picnic in style! 


Now that you've got some great herb ideas to enhance the family's food choices, enjoy International Picnic Day 2022 in the glorious sunshine! 

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